ZHERNOV Artifactory is a the unique boutique and studio of artifacts in one place.
“My grandfather and father were artisans. They made and restored icons, and so my earliest experiments are not of art, but of the materials I inherited after them”.
A copper remains the main working material for Sergey. Constantly exploring, Sergey added a wood, a tar paper and the most interesting – the findings from the flea markets and archeological digs which he uses in sculptures, typically fantastic figures and objects.
He basically destroys the objects he collects and uses their fragments or totally remakes the object adding the copper details. His studio can easily be described as a laboratory of inventions where discarded ephemera of daily life is broken and reassembled to create totems.
Sergey Zhernov, the founder and designer, is a modern Frankenstein creating new creature with poetic and mythological titles.
His experiments are almost mad but they are seductively weird.
“The weird is underrated. But to me weirdness is just as important or exciting as humor or any other king of fundamental feeling”.”

We are all individuals, but not everyone feels a persona within themselves.
We are seeking it inside ourselves, as we recall our past dreams or look forward into the future.
We try to express it, sometimes in a sophisticated way but always allusively.
Persona is a mystery. Having found it, we hide the persona under masks, seducing and dizzying others.

We believe that every individual needs a mystique inside to feel and be exceptional and unordinary.